What An Affirmative Action Plan Should Include

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) suggests that non-construction contractors’ written affirmative action plans include the following affirmative action as part of an action-oriented program:

  • Contact with specified schools, colleges, religious organizations, and other institutions that are prepared to refer women and minorities for employment;
  • Identification of community leaders as recruiting sources;
  • Holding of formal briefing sessions, preferably on company premises, with representatives from recruiting sources;
  • Conduct of plant tours, including presentation by minority and female employees of clear and concise explanations of current and future job openings, position descriptions, worker specifications, explanations of the company’s selection process, and recruitment literature;
  • Encouragement of minority and female employees to refer applicants;
  • With special efforts the inclusion of minorities and women in personnel department staffs;
  • The availability of minority and female employees for participation in career days, youth motivation programs, and related community activities;
  • Recruitment at secondary schools, junior colleges, and colleges with predominantly minority or female enrollments;
  • With special efforts the contact with minorities and women when recruiting at all schools;
  • Special employment programs undertaken whenever possible, such as technical and non-technical co-op programs with predominantly black and women’s colleges, summer jobs for underprivileged youth, and motivation programs for the hardcore unemployed;
  • Inclusion of minority and female employees in recruiting brochures pictorially presenting work situations;
  • Expansion of help-wanted advertising to regularly include the minority news media and women’s interest media.

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